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The EvoAngel by Ellen King Rice

Welcome to the woods of the Pacific Northwest.


In the last decade scientists have developed the fields of Evolutionary Development and Epigenetics. We are learning that our DNA interacts with our environment and changes made in one generation can extend to future generations.


The EvoAngel is an epigenetic thriller. The protaganist is a Native American graduate student named Grace who has moved to Olympia to study ecology and to connect with her extended family. 


Grace assists her professor when the professor's mother-in-law begins to sprout feathers. Edna, a sweet granny, is a long time mushroom hunter. The mushrooms are pivotal because fungi have unmethylated DNA that can activate our DNA.


Soon Edna's daughter, Lena, is also producing feathers. When Lena dashes to save a child from oncoming traffic, the run is captured on video, and the video is shared online. 


People around the world (including the ambitious and the predacious) are keen to know more about the feathered women, and why their bodies are changing.


The basic concepts of Evolutionary Development and Epigenetics are incorporated into the story. I show you how similar your genetics are to other species on our planet. Truly, we are not all that different than a guppy or a slug. A huge part of biology is reproduction, so there is sex in this tale.


Are Angels real? Is it possible that feathered people have existed before? I don't know. I do know that the United States leads the world in the number of adults who believe in Angels. Come join me in an adventure that shows one path to change.




Photo by Barry Troutman

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