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  • Ellen King Rice

The Writer's Prompt

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Each participating author receives two photos and a few supporting details.

A Writer's Choice

The writer will incorporate some detail from one of the fungi in their Naked Comes a Fungus posting. It might be a common name, a Latin name, a color, a habitat, an aspect of ecology or . . . something simply inspired by the photo. The first photo here is of the Western Painted Suillus or Suillus lakei. This robust fall mushroom is often found with the Rosy Slime Spike (Gomphidius subroseus) which feeds on the mycelium of the bigger Suillus lakei. Hmm. We could write a tale of "Rosy" who takes advantage of robust fellows in her neighborhood . Pink and sweet, "Rosy" dines well.

. .

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