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  • Ellen King Rice

Naked Came a Fungus inspiration

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

A recent slogging through the modern writer's task of finding keywords for book sales Search Engine Optimization led to some dinner time complaining: "It's hard to think so much about selling. Bleah!"

Hubby to the Rescue with Pithy Asides

My husband, Cliff, said, "Didn't some writers stick together some popular words to make a bestselling book?" Yes. Indeed they did. In 1969, two dozen literary writers compiled Naked Came A Stranger as a spoof of the pulp fiction of the time. It became a bestseller. A few years later, humorist Dave Barry led a group of Florida writers to write Naked Came a Manatee with sales benefiting Florida charities.

There are times when fun is more important than fabulous. Rainy winters in the Northwest could use a little Naked fun.

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