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  • Ellen King Rice

Naked Came A Fungus - Starts Here

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Winter drear calls for a party. You’re invited to a winter-long spoof.  Inspired by a collective of writers putting together a parody of bestsellers (1969’s Naked Came a Stranger and later Florida’s Naked Came A Manatee), we give you Naked Came A Fungus for winter 2020.

An assortment of South Sound authors will springboard from the photo and name of a local wild fungus to give us a short piece of fun or drama that features some aspect of that fungus.

Come join the fun. You’ll learn about our amazing South Sound ecology and our equally amazing regional writers.  At the end of each piece there is an opportunity to donate to a Thurston County nonprofit, Feline Friends. There are animals in need, and your dollars help.

Amanita pantherina or "Panthercap." The warty top and the thick stem tell us this is a member of the Amanita group.

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