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The Cascades in Winter - "Naked Comes a Fungus" loves a Lyrist!

Coral fungi inspire a poet

Adrienne Asher writes about how to love what perishes, and how our lives resemble and differ from beings of the natural world. She has been published in numerous anthologies and journals, including Bellingham Review, The Laurel Review, and Black Mountain Press’ “The 64 Best Poets of 2018.” She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her musician husband, a Maine Coon cat, and nine miles of books. You can find her at

The Cascades in Winter


We hiked under too much sky

Watched weather moving in, tumultuous 

Evening and morning ran within us,

hours reconciled in movement


We gathered white coral fungi, their pale

fingers reaching from dead leaves

in damp, in shadows, filling our imaginations

with their tiny pale flames, their wild castle spires


We were an orchestra of scents 

Mortal among untamed peaks

Immortal but frayed upon return

Memory held our distances, our journey

Thank you, Adrienne for a fresh appreciation of our unruly skies after a very wet week. Let's all keep the urban kittens dry by supporting Feline Friends:

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